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About Us

Health By Daniel is all about taking control of your mind, body, and spirit in order to Create the health you dream of. We believe this shift starts with your attitude and flows through every aspect of your life from there. For the past 18 years we have been researching all aspects of the law of attraction and wellness to create an incredible list of the most powerful and effective methods on the planet. These methods include Premier Whole Food Supplements, Zyto scans, Functional Medicine, Essential Oils and much more. Danny is the founder of Health By Daniel and his story begins at birth with a major eye condition which effected both eyes. The left eye was completely blind and had a large cyst attached to it, and the right eye was small and had other issues. Danny grew up always making the best of his situation. He loves cars and loves to drive so at a very early age his parents let him operate the John Deere loader the family business owned. From a very early age he was taught to always dream big and he could achieve anything he put his mind to. This belief has stuck with him even up until today where he still optimistically looks to the bright future of his life and this company. His vision is improving all the time and is actually better than it was when he was a child. he says “I have always believed in myself from an early age it came natural to me to be a leader and create something worthwhile in the world. I was constantly told from public education that I would be like most of the other blind and visually impaired people in the United States struggling on government assistance. Again I did not accept that fact, and still dont. My parents were always entrepreneurs and that really appealed to me from a young age, so I started my first company at age 24 and became a successful business owner. A trend which still continues to this day. I wake up thankful every day for the abilities I have been given and I want to make a positive impact on the world. You have 2 choices when it comes to how you look at your life, you can choose depression and how bad your situation is or you can choose an attitude of gratitude for all of the gifts God has given you.” We hope you enjoy this website and the many things planned for this company in the future. “I want to personally thank each and every one of you who reads this and send my best regards to you.”